Wireless Networks for Universities

Wireless as a service

Delivering best-in-class Wi-Fi™and wireless networkingdoes nothave to be a struggle and does nothave tobreak your IT budget. To meet the toughest wireless challenges on college and university campuses, our team at Aercor Wireless recommends next generation WiNG Wireless LAN from Zebra Technologies. WiNG is an entirely new approach to wireless infrastructure that eliminates bottlenecks and service outages while delivering high-speed and high-capacity Wi-Fi at a lower cost than ever before.

Developed by Zebra, the co-authors of the 802.11 wireless protocol and owners of over 2,800 patents in related technologies, WiNG WLAN is engineered with distributed network intelligence that eliminates the need for costly controllers, replaces the inefficient infrastructure of hub-and-spoke networks, and provides self-optimizing and self-healing networks with unbeatable reliability, connectivity, and data security.

Wrapped in a simplified graphic user interface and with ultra-fast and zero-touch installation, WiNG wireless networks can be up and running in no time and are much easier and less expensive to install and maintain than previous wireless networks. An entirely new network can be installed at up to 50% lower cost than other solutions.


Learn how the latest next generation technologies can transform your college or university into an ideal wireless campus with support for an unlimited number of mobile devices and scalable capacity to meet any level of demand.


  • Campus-wide high-speed Wi-Fi and communication
  • No slow-downs, bottlenecks, or service outages
  • Faster, more reliable networking that never fails
  • Power to meet rapidly growing demands at lower cost
  • Connectivity and mobility for students, staff, and guests
  • High bandwidth available indoors and outdoors
  • Self-healing and self-optimizing network
  • Automatic traffic routing for best performance
  • Highly secure with encryption and authentication
  • Scalable for current and future Wi-Fi needs
  • Fast and easy to install, configure, and maintain
  • No specialized resources or knowledge required


  • Meet growing demand and expectation for high-performance wireless
  • Support an unlimited number of student and staff mobile devices
  • Empower your students and enhance educational outcomes
  • Boost the productivity and effectiveness of your faculty and staff
  • Maximize your campus security and improve emergency planning
  • Get the protection of advanced encryption and authentication
  • Reduce your capital expense with up to 50% lower installation costs*
  • Lower youron-going costs with inexpensive operation and maintenance

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WiNG WLAN from Aercor Wireless and our partners at Zebra has been put to the ultimate test for wireless throughput and capacity, and it has passed with flying colors. In fact, Zebra holds the official Guinness Book of World Records’ mark with 84 simultaneous video streams delivered through a single wireless access point!


WiNG features a powerful, enterprise-class WLAN operating system with intelligent, self-optimizing, and self-healing access points, all wrapped in a simple and easy-to-understand graphical user interface. This makes managing your school’s wireless network easy–no specialized knowledge or IT resources are required. Installation is fast and easy with zero-touch deployment. Just power up your access points, and they will be discovered automatically and provisioned with your pre-defined configurations.


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